What to wear

What to wear!

When clients ask me for suggestions on what to wear during their portrait photography session, my first answer is always, “Something comfortable!”. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to coordinate family outfits or finding the best dress for a maternity shoot, if you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing, you won’t look comfortable in your pictures. This doesn’t mean that you can’t wear your favorite five inch heels during the shoot, just be sure that you have practice walking in them first!

Since almost all of my sessions are held outdoors, keep an eye on the weather. If it looks like it will be cool, it might be smart to bring a sweater to keep warm while we’re walking between outdoor locations.

If you’re trying to coordinate several outfits for a family portrait session, try to think simple! Avoiding competing, colorful patterns is always a good idea, and keep in mind that pure white and pure black can come off as harsh in photographs.

One thing I always encourage clients to do is take a look at my Pinterest page, where I’ve pinned several clothing outfit ideas for a variety of photography shoots from engagements to family pictures. Please feel free to make your own Pinterest board of outfit ideas too, and of course I’m always happy to offer advice before the shoot if you have questions!